CPH Silver Lab is run by Andreas Olesen & Jón Bjarni Hjartarson.

The day to day professional film developing and scanning is up and running at the new lab, which is called Silverlab. You can find it here:


Vermundsgade 40C, Copenhagen Ø, 2100

+45 3583 1504

Opening hours 8-16 mon-fri

coming website: silverlab.dk

You can see our prices here.

We have acquired three dip & dunk Reframa processors for your day to day professional development needs as well as a Noritsu LS1800 scanner, all of which are up and running. We are in the process of building new darkrooms, they are on course to be done soon. When they are operational then we will resume our courses and darkroom rentals.

For film & scan inquiries please call our main number 3583 1504

for darkroom and course inquiries please call 7179 0415

Thank you for your patience during the build, we look forward to seeing you in our new space.