Print your own images in our professional darkroom

We have three enlarger stations available for hourly rental including chemicals for processing. We have several types of enlargers, all of which can accommodate negatives up to 4×5″. You can easily print on paper sizes up to 50×60 cm (20 x 24 inches). We usually have some paper options available for purchase as well. There will always be a staff member present to help you get set up and understand the gear, and if you need it, provide in-depth printing training on an hourly basis.

-Darkroom enlarger rental include chemicals.

-Some paper options are usually available for purchase by the sheet, call beforehand to hear what we have in stock.

-All prices are including 25% tax.


Per hour: 195kr

Per day (from 9 to 17): 795kr

10 day clip card: 6250kr (500kr per day ex moms)

Startup fee (only if you print for less than 4 hours): 195kr

The price per day is for the whole darkroom with all three enlargers. Bring friends and you can split the costs!

It is understood the user is versed in b&w printing, this price includes basic setup instruction. If more help is needed, then the user will be charged as a private printing course student (495kr/hour). Otherwise we run Intro to Darkroom courses regularly, head over to the courses page for more info.

If you are interested in a longer term solution (membership or a project period) – write to for more information.