Color darkroom printing course

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This course if for those who are interested in color printing, which is an exciting and interesting process. It is best if you have tried b&w printing first, but not necessary. The course can be run in either Danish or English. The course lasts 6,5 hours.

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The course includes:

-Introduction lecture to the fundamentals of working in the darkroom.
-Demonstration of use of color processor, enlarger and enlargement techniques.
-Several hours of supervised printing and learning in the darkroom, resulting in your own 24x30cm prints from your own negative.

All materials and chemicals are included, you just need to bring you own developed color negatives to print with. The course runs from 930am-4pm at our darkroom on Islands Brygge. There is space for only 3 people each day, you will each have your own enlarger to print your images with. There will also be an option to get your work framed after the course.